Our Bitters

are developed by working bartenders. Handcrafted in Los Angeles California using the highest quality botanicals and the finest spirits. Always all-natural, no additives or fillers. We take the finest ingredients sourced from the best local farmers, spice traders and distillers then macerate and extract over multiple months. Never rushed to market. They're better than good, they're Better Bitters. 


We emphasize local sustainable organic Southern California farms when sourcing our fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs to ensure freshness and lessen our carbon foot print. When local sources aren't available we seek ingredients with the same integrity from the world over to bring you the flavors that make your creations pop!

Phil Gray - Founder

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Working with our many wonderful local Los Angeles bars and restaurants to reduce waste. We collect, wash, sanitize and refill our bitters bottles whenever possible to lighten our environmental footprint.